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A Will isn’t the only piece of forward planning you should consider as you get older. Against the backdrop of an ageing population, the government has been campaigning to raise the profile of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Processes and application forms have been simplified to encourage widespread take-up. This has worked, as an increasing number of people are now deciding to consign their money, legal and healthcare affairs to family and friends.

An LPA enables you to choose the person or people who you trust to be in charge of making decisions which affect you if you are no longer able to do this for yourself. Taking legal advice over the appointment of an attorney can ensure that there are safeguards in place against financial abuse.

LPAs make things easier for family and relatives if you lose capacity, helping ensure that decisions that affect you would be made in your best interests, and that your affairs, both your finances and your health, are managed in the way you would have wanted.

If you’re looking to set up an LPA for someone living in Scotland, parts of the agreement and document differ to the one for England and Wales.